About Me

Personal life: wife and mom to two boys, caretaker of several pets

Professional life: clinical psychologist in private practice, grad school instructor

For fun: jogging, biking, walking the dog, reading, listening to music

Favorite things: warm sunny days, sweet tea with lemon, asiago cheese bagels, parks, watching documentaries and comedy, spending time with my family, yoga, and the similarly spelled yoda

Location: Memphis, though a native midwesterner

Favorite aspects of Memphis: spring foliage, number of activities for children and families

Least favorite aspects of Memphis: poverty, crime, racial tensions

Religious background: 5th generation church of Christ

Level of religious involvement in childhood: high

What I most appreciate about Christianity as I have experienced it: discipline, self denial, gratitude, generosity

What I least appreciate about Christianity as I have experienced it: the doctrine of hell, inability to question, legalistic interpretation of scripture

Current religious designation: Agnostic Christian, Skeptic

Other religions that interest me: Buddhism

For the following responses, I will try to create posts to answer the questions and link to them:

View of religion:

Why I haven't left church:

Why I'm not an atheist:

Why I'm not the Christian I was 5 years ago:

My religious/spiritual journey:

How my relationships are affected by my spiritual journey: