Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are We Living Inside a Black Hole?

Trying to understand how we and our universe came to be is a fascinating study. One of the latest proposals by a cosmologist is that we may be the product of a black hole and are living inside one right now. Read the summary of his conclusions here.


  1. Articles about that topic that make me think of this.

    Though this does not look right:
    "When the density of matter reaches gargantuan proportions (more than about 1,050 kilograms per cubic meter) inside a black hole,..."

    That's about the density of water on earth. Wait, maybe that proves we're in a black hole! :^)

    Really seems quite impossible to wrap our mortal minds around:
    "Sadly, there is no point in our looking for other universes inside black holes. As you approach a black hole, the increasing gravitational field makes time tick more and more slowly. So, for an external observer, any universe inside would form only after an infinite amount of time had elapsed."

    I wonder how much someone trained in the field can.

  2. I loved the imagery on the link. So appropriate! Makes me think you have kids!

    I have trouble wrapping my mind around much in the field of Cosmology. I do look forward to reading Hawking's new book, though. Grand Design, I think it is?

  3. what is a blacck hole? and is it inreasing day after day