Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Satanic Verses: Moral Chaos in Holy Writ"

There were a series of papers presented at a conference hosted by Notre Dame's Philosophy of Religion Dept. Here you will find one by Fales with a response by Plantiga. The paper addresses the events in scripture Fales finds morally reprehensible and how he understands God within these events. At the end, he says these events can only be justified by divine command theory, but that this comes with a price. "We are forced to sacrifice to it (scripture) our deepest moral knowledge and intuitions." At the end of his response, Plantiga says Fales' moral objections come from thinking of God as some type of superhuman instead of as divine. Further, he objects that our moral intuitions aren't always correct and can't be relied on to make moral judgements about God.

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