Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back in the Running Shoes Again

It's now closing in on the one year mark since I began jogging. The past couple of months had me wondering if I was going to have to call it quits. With my dog's relentless enthusiasm of running as my motivation, I was at the point of jogging about 3 miles most week nights and 6 miles on Saturdays during the winter. Then, suddenly, my knee began to hurt when jogging. I realized I'd begun forgetting to wear my knee brace. I resumed using it. However, it was too late. Soon, I had continuous knee pain. I began wearing my knee brace all the time and looking for the Tylenol. I stopped jogging altogether. I was about to break down and call a doctor when the pain slowly started to subside. I resisted jogging for 2.5 months and was fearful to begin again. However, I tentatively resumed jogging over a week ago. I'm happy to report that so far my knee is cooperating and pain free! I decided to only jog every other day and to nix the 6 mile runs. I'm reluctant to push my luck too far. The first couple times I went out, I felt again that miserable, sputtering beginning to my run, where my side aches, my mouth is dry, and my body cries out to just walk. However, my body is returning reasonably quickly to the rhythm of my pace. It feels good to be out again, pushing myself a bit. My dog absolutely loves it, and would go even faster if I were capable. She propels me on, rarely stopping to sniff along the way. I will enjoy a little more these times we have together, because my knee, or any other factor, may draw them to a close before I'm ready to retire my running shoes.


  1. aaaaghghgh knee pain. Start running and you will eventually injure your knee. Guaranteed.

    The best thing to do upon feeling knee pain is to stop running. Just stop and let the knee heel. When you start running again, start slow. I mean sllloooooooowwww. 9 times out of 10, you will be okay.

  2. Well done for getting back out there. I've been running on concrete again since moving but, thankfully, haven't had any knee pain. I did have to start back over after not jogging for several months. I couldn't believe how much time had passed!

    After having my sister's dogs for a week I'm about to decide I'd really like to have a companion, myself. :)

  3. Yeah for getting back! I’ve had to slow a bit over the winter for a foot injury I continue to ignore. Ran my first 5k on Saturday—alas added :30 to my time from last year. Although, as irony would have it, because another year has rolled around, and a birthday occurred, I changed age brackets, and improved my position in my new age group.

    Need to start working the intervals again to improve race performance. At the moment, signed up for two 10ks, Warrior Dash and a 10-mile.

  4. HeIsSailing,
    I'm definitely not going to push my luck. I was worried that I'd injured myself badly and hear the term "surgery" from a doctor. I also worry about increasing my chances of arthritis as I get older.

    Glad you're still at it as well. Go us! By the way, I will be signing up for some professional training in Atlanta in June. I don't know if that's close enough to you to consider meeting somewhere, but if it is, let me know.

    I guess injury comes with the territory. Glad the birthday brought a benefit with it for you! I need to sign up for something now that I can run again. It will inspire me. It's fun to have an event to look forward to.

  5. Way to go! I had hurt my knee during my first (and last) attempt at slack-lining. My knee talked angrily to me for about six months when I tried jogging every now and then. I think HeIsSailing's got the right idea, and you've got the right approach by dropping the 6 mile Saturdays. At least for now... :-)

  6. It's definitely doable. You can email me at deconstructingmyselfdma at gmail dot com. Let me know when and I'll see what I can do!

  7. TWF, Yes, my knee was definitely "talking angrily" too! It would be fun to return to 6 miles, but right now the thought scares me. I don't like pain :)

    I just emailed you.

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